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New Look, Zero Budget


New Look, Zero Budget

by Andrea E. McHugh

With cable channels churning out redecorating programs that emphasize quick and inexpensive room makeovers, a barrage of homeowners have been inspired to make the best of what they have in their own spaces. many come to realize though, that they need to consult the help of a professional.

“I come in as a new, fresh set of eyes,” says Jan Girouard of All About ReDecorating in Newport. Bringing is a redesigner on board will give way to a professional, objective point of view and will result in a comprehensive room plan reflective a client’s personal taste and lifestyle. Competing patterns, poor lighting, misplaced artwork; tchochke and clutter are common distractions in a room, preventing the area from reaching its full decorative potential.

The first step in a room, redesign is talking with a professional about the room’s drawbacks and its best features, how you need it to function and how you picture the room to look. Some designers will roll up their sleeves immediately after you conversation and get to work. Others will take into consideration the initial discussion at the consultation, take some measurements and retreat to map out a few options so that the homeowner can have a hand in choosing what will best suit their needs.

Next, expect the designer to go shopping-throughout your home. Bedrooms, basements and your garage are all potential treasure-troves for a room. Grandma’s old end tables in the attic that you could not bear to sell at your tag sale may be the perfect complement to the reinvented space. “I want people to still have the things they love,” Girouard points out. The key is to use them properly.

Window treatments, for example, generally set the tone for an entire room with rich colors, bright pattern or elaborate fabrics. At times, however, draperies can cover a room’s greatest asset. “An unexpected focal point, windows sometimes act as a natural frame to an incredible view and can essentially function as artwork.” says Girouard.

In many cases, a designer charges a flat fee for the room’s reinvention. Most designers offer ala carte services too, such as furniture and accessory shopping. Finding the perfect piece to complete a space does not always mean a visit to an elaborate showroom with pricey goods.

The joy of working with a redesign professional is that they help you fall in love with your favorite furnishings and accessories all over again. If you’re one of those “save everything” type, your are their dream client to boot!

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