All About ReDecorating
Getting Started

First, Jan schedules a personal consultation at your home to review your situation with the goal to achieve the look you desire while creating balance and harmony in your surroundings. With a new set of eyes, she’ll assess your decorating issues covering everything from ceiling to floor, starting with the larger items and working down to the smallest detail in your room… nothing is missed.

In one day, while Jan is there, your furnishings and accessories will be rearranged, if needed, to put everything in proper placement and give the room a better foundation. Jan then advises you on all aspects of color or wallpaper, lighting, window treatments, furniture and accessories……where to buy things and at the best price.

At the end of the consultation, a written Design Plan will be given that day outlining, in detail, all recommendations for future improvements and purchases….leaving you completely organized, so when time and budget allows, you’re ready to get started.

All About … Our Services

For information, call today for details on all the services at 401-849-1668 or e-mail moc.gnitarocedertuoballanull@naj