All About ReDecorating
January, 2004 edition


Redecorating Solutions-Quick, Easy & Affordable

By Jan Creamer Girouard

As the New Year is upon us, we all have great intentions with our New Year’s resolutions. Either we want to lose weight or come up with solutions to better organize our lives as we go forward. Another area that should be addressed, or on your list, is your home, especially if you’ve been unhappy with the way a particular room looks. As we all are nesting more than ever, it’s important to surround yourself with an environment that you desire which is in your style and personality. Sometimes by changing the color in a room, the lighting, or even rearranging your furnishings, can give the appearance of a fresh new look, but with little investment. Minor changes can bring major results on how you feel about your home and about yourself. So, as you go forward this year, make your home a part of your New Year’s resolution to create the look you love and you’ll feel so much better for doing so.

I’m Jan Girouard from All About ReDecorating and I received some e-mails that I wanted to share.

Questions & Answers

Q: I have a collection of family photos that I want to frame and hang them on a wall in our family room. Is there a rule on what type of frame or finish I should buy??
Claire E, Providence

A: Many of my clients have been in the same situation as you are. When putting a series of paintings or photos together on a wall or on a table make sure the frames are of the same finish. I don’t mean they have to be the same frame on each piece, but for example, they should be, either, all gold, all silver or dark wood. You want the image in each frame to be the focal point and not the frame. You’ll, also, avoid a cluttered look by creating more continuity with the framing in the same finish.

Q: I love burning candles in our home. So do you have any ideas to share??
Donna B. Smithfield

A: Who doesn’t love to burn candles! One bit of advice is when displaying candles make sure you don’t mix the color. If you have white candles make sure all the candles are white in that room. Many times if you start mixing the color of your candles, you’ll create a room that lacks a cohesive look. You’ll find the room more appealing and inviting by doing so. Also, if you don’t want to burn wood in your fireplace put a collection of candles in different shapes or sizes, again all in the same color, and you’ll create a sense of warmth no matter what the season.

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