• Are you having decorating issues and don’t know how to resolve them?
  • Do you ever walk into a room and say to yourself… there’s something wrong with this room, but, I can’t pinpoint what it is?
  • Could it be lighting, color, furniture placement…
    or, all of the above?

If you’re experiencing this dilemma, you’re not alone. All of this plays on your senses, because it’s what you see, hear and even smell that effects how you feel when you enter any area of your home. I define this as your interior-well being. It’s when you walk into a room and it’s balanced, pleasing to the eye, warm and inviting and draws you in. Your home is your sanctuary and a place where you should have a sense of harmony. Once a space comes together and your decorating issues are resolved it has a positive impact on how you feel about yourself… that I define as your inner-well being.

ALL ABOUT ReDECORATING provides a new set of eyes to help create the look you desire in your personality and style. We can work with your existing furnishings, add on to what you love, or start off right from the very beginning with all new furnishings. We’re here to inspire, inform and involve you in transforming your surroundings with an immediate plan of action. ALL ABOUT ReDECORATING takes the confusion and high costs out of redecorating. What sets us apart from other decorators is we charge a flat fee based on the length of the room, and not by the hour, so it’s very affordable.

All About… Getting Started.

Serving Newport, RI and the Southern New England area. For information, call today for details on all the services at 401-849-1668 or e-mail moc.gnitarocedertuoballanull@naj

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