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  1. In Today’s Market, Clean Bathrooms Might Be Better Sellers Than Fancy Ones

    By Peggy Brown Newsday Melville, N.Y…..Thomas Tripodi says he’ll never forget the Versace designer bathroom in the house he was marketing for $4 million-plus. “Its was waaay over the top,” says Tripodi, associate broker with prudential Douglas Elliman Rea Estate, in Long Beach, and owner of The Tripodi Group, which sells luxury homes. So while […]

  2. ‘Curb Appeal’ Adds Most Value To Your Home

    Newport Daily News Home & Garden-Spring 2008 You want to sell your house, but the kitchen yearns for a makeover, the exterior needs a new coat of paint, windows rattle in the slightest breeze and the bathroom has seen better days. When buyers were plentiful and affordable homes were in short supply, sellers could look […]

  3. Five Reasons You Should Never Sell A Vacant Home!!

    By Jill Mendoza It’s not every day you hear about a home selling within three days, with multiple offers, over the list price of $1.3 million in January! Michele Minch of Moving Mountains Design in Pasadena took a vacant home and transformed it into a home buyers fell in love with! Comparing the before and […]

  4. Real Estate Trends-Buyers Are Sold On Virtual Tours

    Projo Homes-Providence Journal By Joanne Cleaver Milwaukee Journal Sentinel The latest versions use slideshows and floor plans with room views that rely on still photos, which are faster and easier for buyers to click through. Milwaukee- You don’t have to show up at chuck and Pat Yahnke’s Brookfield, Wis., townhouse for a house tour. All […]

  5. Decorating Sells-Staging A House Can Help Speed Up the Sale

    Decorating Sells-Staging A House Can Help Speed Up the Sale By Beth Bragg McClatchy Newspapers Published in the Providence Journal Home & Garden The quick de-cluttering, de-personalizing and redecorating of a home will give it a wider appeal to house hunters. Anchorage, Alaska— Niel Thomas once tried to sell a house that looked like a […]

  6. Setting The Stage For Selling Your Home

    East Bay Life – September 15, 2004 By Ann Strong Setting The Stage For Selling Your Home Decorators can help make homes more appealing to buyers If you watch shows like “Curb Appeal” and “Designed to Sell,” you might think staging was a commonly used tool to help market a home. While that may be […]

  7. Keep Those For Sale Signs Up In Fall

    By Brendel Hightower McClatchy Newspapers Home sellers usually share this belief about fall: As the leaves come down, so should their For Sale signs. But some real estate agents say removing a home from the market could be a mistake. “Buyers don’t have a month when they say they’re going to buy. They buy when […]