All About ReDecorating
  1. A Splash Of Color Is The Instant Face-lift For A Dowdy Room

    By Margaret Slaby McClatchy Newspapers In these tough economic times, sprucing up your home might be the last thing on your mind….or in your budget. However, there’s a relatively inexpensive way to give your home a face-lift: a fresh coat of interior paint. Depending what you buy and where you shop, for around $2,000…. you […]

  2. Don’t Allow Your Colors To Get Old

    Newport Daily News Home & Garden-Spring 2008 It’s a new year. Could it be time for a new look? “Can you imagine if you went into Pottery Barn and, year after year, thy showed the same look and the same colors all the time? There wouldn’t be much to look at,” said Lea trice Eiserman, […]

  3. Thrift-store Lamp Can Be Key To Upgrading A Room

    By Cindy Dampier Chicago Times So you’re in the market for a makeover….a room makeover, that is…but you’re not prepared to plunk down serious cash for new furniture, or even pop open a can of paint. You want maximum impact, minimal effort. A new lamp might be just what you need. To get a truly […]

  4. Wide Array Of Ways To Turn Your House Green

    By Caryn Rousseau Associated Press Chicago- The bathroom tiles are recycled wine bottle. The hardwood floors are sustainable bamboo. And the sprawling garden gets sprinkled with rainwater collected in 300-gallon barrels. From its recycled plastic deck to its solar-paneled roof, everything in and about the 2,500-square foot home on exhibit just outside of the Museum […]

  5. Design Experts Share Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Liven Up Any Room

    Design Experts Share Easy And Inexpensive Ways to Liven Up Any Room By Terri Sapienza The Washington Post Hang Window Treatments High Barry Dixon-Warrentown,Va. A good starting point in any home or with any style (traditional or modern) is to hang drapery panels right underneath the crown molding. In the absence of molding, hang the […]

  6. Art Under Foot

    Art under foot 01:00 AM EST on Sunday, November 23, 2008 By KIM COOK Associated Press Amy Helfand’s Adrift rug, left. Helfand made her first rug for an art show at the public garden Wave Hill, in the Bronx, using a design based on the garden’s site plan. The finished product was displayed in front […]

  7. Reuse Furniture And Bring Fresh Life To A Room

    Reuse furniture and bring fresh life to a room 01:00 AM EST on Sunday, November 23, 2008 By Robin Stansbury The Hartford Courant An old desk is put to use as a side table on a sun porch. Left, an office credenza serves as storage space for shoes and other accessories in the Durham, Conn., […]

  8. How To Touch Up Those Paint Dings In Your Home

    Story: How to touch up those nasty paint dings in your home ——————————————————————————– How to touch up those nasty paint dings in your home 01:00 AM EST on Sunday, November 30, 2008 By Barbara Mahany Chicago Tribune ‘Fess up: It’s been bugging you all year that smack dab in the middle of your front hall […]

  9. Make The Right Hire For Home Improvement

    Make the Right Hire For Home Improvement Providence Journal-January 7, 2009 Vetting contractors even more important now…. With the economy on shaky ground, it’s more important than ever for homeowners to carefully screen the contractors they hire for home-improvement projects. Consumer protection experts say that when work slows down, some contractors may bid on jobs […]

  10. Spruce Up Your Space-Interview

    February 21, 2012 by Rich Quintal

    Décor Section-Providence Journal-Saturday, January 1st Spruce up your space: 20 ways to freshen your home for the New Year 01/01/2011 01:00 AM EST By Jenna Pelletier Journal Staff Writer Lisa Foster of Providence interior architecture firm Reconstructure gave this Pawtucket loft space a new look by mixing the owner’s existing furnishings with pillows, vases and […]