All About ReDecorating
November, 2004 edition

Your Home Redecorating….. quick, easy, affordable

By Jan Creamer Girouard

The holidays will soon be upon us and it brings to mind how we long to make our home warm and cozy. So many times my clients feel a room isn’t inviting enough and decide by painting their walls in a particular room they’ll create the look they desire. Well, they’re part way there. An area that is most often forgotten is the ceiling. Sometimes people think the ceiling should automatically be white and leave it at that. However, I’ve seen a room turn completely around when a ceiling is changed to compliment the new or existing wall color. For instance, let’s say you’ve decided to paint your walls in a warm cranberry with the crown molding and trim in white. To add to the warmth, a ceiling could be in a soft tint of yellow that is not bright but more muted in tone. The room would take on a whole new look with the accent color from the ceiling tying it perfectly together. Depending on the overall color scheme, I’ve seen colors in soft taupe, light sage green and even light blue make a dramatic difference. Try to think outside the box and, at the same time, be a little daring and don’t be surprised on the compliments you’ll receive.

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