All About ReDecorating
May, 2004 edition

Home Decor: Summer Creates Change For Your Decor

By Jan Creamer Girouard

As the season’s change and we go through our closets to remove our winter items and replace them with spring and summer, we can also make changes in our home.

In a bedroom you can easily create a different look by changing a bedspread, shams and accent pillows with a lighter color scheme that will compliment your walls and flooring. Another idea is to remove existing drapes and hang sheers that will open up any room and allow natural light in.

An easy way to bring new life to your living room is to slip cover your sofa or chairs in a lighter color. This will also allow you to bring in a new color scheme with pillows and accessories that will co-ordinate with your existing furnishings. When the fall returns bring back the deeper tones to enjoy them once again.

I received some questions recently and I wanted to share a couple with you.

Questions & Answers

Q: I need to purchase end tables for my family room. Is there a rule of thumb on how high the tables should be?
Sue C., Providence

A: Good question. I’m asked this quite often. To be safe have the height of the table be closer to the height of the armrest of your chair or sofa. Please keep in mind that if you place a lamp on the end table that the height of the lamp is enough to give ample down lighting or task lighting on to your sofa for reading, etc.

Q: I’m thinking of pulling up my wall-to-wall carpeting in my living room and I’m debating whether to install new carpeting on hardwood floors.
Mary L., No. Providence

A: I’ve always been a fan of hardwood floors, however, it depends on your personal preference and what you’ve budgeted for your flooring. Hardwood flooring can make any room appear more open and create a warm and inviting environment. If you like the look of carpeting, add an area rug over the hardwood, sized to what is in proportion with the room, and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

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