All About ReDecorating
April, 2004 edition

Redecorating Solutions: Quick, Easy and Affordable

By Jan Creamer Girouard

Recently I appeared at the Home Show and gave two seminars showcasing a “Before & After” slide presentation of actual homes redecorated with their existing furnishings. To bring it a step further, I featured the “after” photos with the walls in various colors. By adding color, you could see how any room can be much warmer, more inviting and dramatic by taking that extra step and not being afraid of color.

The audience loved it because they could see the difference immediately in an actual home. Many asked how I could make such changes and I said it was simple. Benjamin Moore has a fabulous software package where you can take digital photos and, through this program, you can experiment with the colors you feel best fit your lifestyle and personality. So, before you spend a dime on a gallon of paint and to avoid making any mistakes on choosing the right color, there is a solution out there for you with the Benjamin Moore software program. You don’t have to be afraid of color any more and it will change the whole dynamics of our home.

I received some questions recently and wanted to share a couple with you.

Questions & Answers

Q: I have a small kitchen and I can fit a table and four chairs comfortably in a corner. Do you think it’s a good idea to place an area rug under the table?
Mary R., Providence

A: If this is an area that you use quite a lot, my opinion is you shouldn’t have an area rug because it can become a “crumb catcher”. Also, the rug can tend to close up the area, as well, and make a room that appears to be small, even smaller. You need to open up the room, not close it in.

Q: I have collected some beautiful artwork over the years and I get confused on where I should hang them on a wall. Any ideas?

A: Without seeing the wall it’s difficult, however here are some thoughts. First, if you have a matching series keep it together. For an example, if you have a set of six prints that belong together don’t split them up. In this situation the frames should be matching with the same finish to give a nice balanced look and more appealing to the eye. Also, try not to hang paintings on a wall that is small or under 36″ wide. You don’t need to hang artwork on every wall. Your art collection should stand out, while at the same time as you scan a room, your eyes need to rest on a wall and not have sensory overload with too much to view. Try to keep all paintings, prints or photos in like finishes. If you try to mix your frames the room could appear very cluttered and lacking a cohesive look.

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